Somebody Posted me on this Site: What Do I do?

PredatorsAlert is all user submitted content. Predatorsalert does not promote censorship or get involved with poster disputes. It is up to you to resolve this with the poster. According to lawmakers, we are not responsible for what third parties post. (communications decency act section 230)

You have 2 options¬† for deletion. Get in contact with your poster. Most of you know who posted you. Work it out with them and tell them to delete or….

IF you can’t get in touch with the poster. ( We do not have any info on posters because everyone posts anonymously.)¬† You will have to contact a third party to resolve this matter.

3rd-party arbitration service provides a neutral service to determine the validity of internet postings. Only upon a successful challenge, the post will be removed if deemed maliciously motivated and unsubstantiated. We will not accept any other claims.

Predatoralerts is not affiliated with any arbitration services, its owners or subsidiaries.

Example of Removal Services:


Fix Bad Reputation




and much more (Google it)